Making me smile!

Mrs. Lundsted is light. She’s a classroom dream (my perception based on more than one kid coming through her doors). She brings light + love wherever she goes. And she also brings the substance, when it comes to getting down to business, engaging with her students and teaching them a thing or two.

I confess that I look forward to pick-up because I get to see Mrs. Lundsted dancing on the sidewalk. Now that might sound strange if you aren’t already “in the know” when it comes to our pick-up/drop-off area, but the teachers have taken to role of traffic control and crossing guard to help our good parents safely deliver and retrieve their chillies (good souls they are). No one embraces this role more wholly than Mrs. Lundsted.


Mrs. Lundsted dancing up a storm.

I would be remiss, however, if I didn’t also give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Mr. Ruble and his ability to shuffle both cars + bodies along quite readily, all the while keeping a pretty even keel – something I know I would certainly have trouble doing!

But, back to Mrs. Lundsted. I’m writing this post because I think Mrs. Lundsted’s approach to life is worth highlighting. It’s worth passing along, letting it “rub off” on others around, letting folks know that it’s okay to dance in the car line. And that’s exactly what she does! And she’s got the moves, let me tell you. Fancy feet, freely sporting the hand sign for love to all that pass by, she helps the kiddos into the cars and touches them with her light.

Mrs. Rudert posted this lovely image the other day and Mrs. Lundsted “liked it.” Of course she did and I did too cause I want to have what she’s having. I want to radiate love + light and send out those positive vibes to whoever might be open to capturing them in return.


Life’s too short to be any other way. <3

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