My process. Step one.

As I’m developing as a self-care coach, I’m going deeper into my own process of self-care, as well as the process I take my clients through. The first step is taking note of and acknowledging where you are. Right now. In all the layers of complexity and messiness and stark reality that might be yours . . . at this very moment.

One of the primary techniques I share is encouraging you to “take pause” throughout your day. Doesn’t have to take a bunch of time, it just means pausing for a few moments to notice what’s going on with . . . YOU. 

How are you feeling in your body? Where’s your head? Where’s your heart? 

simply pause and breathe – intentionally – a few times throughout your day.

So much of our day is spent running from task to task and thing to thing. If we don’t intentionally choose to get a read on ourselves, it’s easy to just continue on down the road of doing instead of being. It’s really what I mean by my tagline, create your daily flow, making a conscious choice to actually be conscious throughout your day.

Try “taking pause” a couple of times during your day and see what you find. I recommend first thing in the morning, perhaps after lunch or mid-afternoon and then in the evening, before bed.

Simply sit + breathe and be in your body.

For many of us, this might feel really foreign. We might feel guilty for just sitting there. And not doing anything. 

Ah, but there’s the opportunity for a shift. In our thinking and in our simply being instead of always doing. Choosing to take two or five or maybe even ten (the world will not stop, smile) and notice how you’re feeling. Pay attention to your breath because it’s happening no matter what and it’s the perfect anchor to keep you grounded. It’s an easy thing to focus on because it’s always with you.

And the beauty (hint: big secret) is the more you work with your breath the more your breath will work with you. 

Don’t let yourself become discouraged if this exercise DRIVES YOU NUTS when you first try it. It probably will. And that’s okay. 

Let me repeat: that’s okay.

This idea of me asking you to simply sit and breathe and notice how you are, it’s not something that most of us are naturally inclined to do, especially given the culture and climate in which we operate. If we’re not doing, we’re not any good. 

I call bullshit on that one. And you can too.

Getting clear on how you’re feeling during your day is the first step in becoming more intentional about how you actually want to feel during your day. It’s possible to make choices (including super small ones, like this) that will lead to greater peace and tranquility . . . which is likely to lead to greater productivity (okay there, this is super important too, smile) and . . . maybe even our happiness?

I believe sitting and breathing on a regular basis leads to greater self-awareness. And that greater self-awareness is certain to sow the seeds of meaningful change in your life. It’s the first step toward a wider base of well-being. It’s the first step toward YOU CHOOSING YOU instead of the millions of things that will always be swirling about. You can choose you anytime you feel like it. Choosing you a few times a day might seem hard at first, but I invite you to try it.

You might like it. For a change.