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I’ll come clean right up front. I love love love Danielle LaPorte and all her creative work. What I love most is how she brings utmost meaning to the most simple and complex things in ways you can’t even imagine – until she does it. It’s smooth it’s forthright it’s convincing. And beautiful. Everything Danielle does is beautiful. And I actually got to meet her in person at a most awesome event not ironically entitled SPARK OF AWESOME. The fabulous Laura Caroon is the mastermind behind this one. Check it out because I think it will be just as awesome this next time around. But I digress.

me and danielle

Me & Danielle @ Spark of Awesome

I started incorporating some of Danielle’s work – the Fire Starter Sessions in particular – in my work with my students. It adds a certain spice, if you will. She challenges you to expand your thinking about life and yourself. Quite honestly, inserting Danielle’s prompts along our McNair journey has been pretty juicy. If I haven’t mentioned this before (not!) perhaps the most fantastic and most special thing I get to do with our students is be part of their conversation. The conversation they have with themselves, about their lives, about their dreams, about the emergence of WHO THEY ARE. Love love love it.

Ask any scholar how they want to feelChances are they’ll rattle off their top-three core desired feelings because they are that clear in how they want to BE in life. But I digress again.

So, one of my passions is spreading clarity – the shedding – the bring it down to ground zero and get serious about what you want in life. One of the best ways to do this is to go through the Fire Starter process together. I started initiating mini-Fire Starter exchanges among friends, my students – and one of the things I realized is that – by nature – I’m a relator and facilitator. So that makes me particularly good at facilitating this process with others. It’s a ton of fun, it’s super eye-opening, it’s sometimes hard, but the bottom line truth is that it brings you closer to who you really are. I think that’s invaluable.

Which brings me to my offer. If you would like a partner in your Fire Starter journey – let’s set it up and MAKE IT HAPPEN. If we think it’s a good fit, we can create a coaching relationship via the Fire Starter Sessions over the next six months. It takes time to really dig deep and unearth your truth and beauty. We’ll connect via email and in person as we work through the sessions together. It’s really a wonderful process. So whether you are looking for subtle or over-the-top-monumental shifts and changes in your life I’m inviting you along for this journey. Your journey.

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