What if your daily flow could be different? What if you start with baseline self-care and go from there? Imagine how GOOD you feel when you eat good – sleep good – and move your body on a regular basis? Do you think this might be possible? I do. And I can help you make it happen. Right now. Yes now.

We all have great intentions, that’s not the problem. We all want to take care of ourselves in a way that nourishes our body, our mind, our spirit. It’s life that tends to get in the way. Jobs, family, daily responsibilities – these things all keep us running on the never-ending treadmill. These things are important, of course. What I’m imagining though is a daily flow that includes these important items, but on your terms. I’m also imagining space to do the basics – eat, sleep, move – so that the rest of our flow (things we choose to do) feels that much better.


>>> You carve out sacred time to make sure you feed your body each morning? A solid nutritious breakfast sets the foundation for your whole day.


>>> You actually get enough sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and well-rested? You can even experience a level of energy and enthusiasm toward your day that you’ve never experienced before.


>>> You do some kind of workout almost every day? Moving your body reduces stress and does all sorts of good things for your brain and pretty much every part of you – exercise makes you feel good.


 The thing is – this kind of daily flow IS POSSIBLE – if you choose to make it be.

I like to think of baseline items EAT SLEEP MOVE as non-negotiables.

Non-negotiable means that these things happen no matter what. They get scheduled in first. Time is carved out to make them a priority. If you’ve ever attended a time management seminar, you may have witnessed the —- fill up your bucket with all of the stuff you have to do —- exercise. You get a bunch of different sized rocks and pebbles even some sand to represent all of the things you have to do. Here’s the trick — the only way it can all possibly fit is if you start with the BIG ROCKS (aka your non-negotiables) and add in the small stuff afterwards. The exercise forces you to determine what your big rocks are.

Here’s what I’m suggesting:

Your non-negotiables. These things come first and then all of your “other stuff” blankets the rest of your schedule – your daily flow. KEY here is that when you consistently care for yourself in the EAT SLEEP MOVE categories >>> the rest of your time (doing things that are important to you) can be spent rocking it out. The secret here? It’s almost as if you are creating time because you will operate in such a remarkably different way.

Take care of yourself for an extended period of time and you will question how you ever made it through the day before. Always tired, always stressed, always feeling behind, always feeling like you can’t get it all done. The EAT SLEEP MOVE version of yourself will be so radically different, you will never be able to go back to the set up you have right now.

Make EAT SLEEP MOVE your non-negotiables and here is what you get:

  • A totally awake and energized, but relaxed body, one that feels at ease and ready to go all at the same time.
  • A relaxed and focused mind.
  • A softness and fluid ability to simply acknowledge and then move beyond (without attachment) life’s daily challenges and stressors.
  • A greater clarity and understanding of what’s most important to you.
  • A lightness in your being that brings forward your best self and your best work.
  • Inner strength and peace.
  • Happiness, but of course!

Want to make it happen? Book an EAT SLEEP MOVE session with me and let’s start instituting your version of EAT SLEEP MOVE.…click HERE.


Explore & unearth. You complete an inventory of your life and track your schedule for a week. It sounds like a big undertaking, but I walk you through it and streamline the process of getting down to the nitty gritty along with your big ticket items.

Dialogue & determine. We Skype it out for an hour. We connect and I discover more about how you operate, what needs to shift, what’s most important to you, what your deepest wishes are, nuances that make you who you are. We lay it all out on the table. Then we arrange and rearrange. We rein it all in and tie it all up in a neat little bow. We make feeling good the priority.

Wield the magic. I simmer in your life for a bit and create a plan for smooth sailing when it comes to your new and improved schedule – complete with time and space to breath and EAT SLEEP MOVE. You will be astonished and amazed by what’s possible. I’ll deliver this beauty by way of a super handy tool called Trello. Not only will you get a shiny new schedule, but you’ll get a ton of tips and tricks, nuggets of inspiration and an ultra-convenient method of accountability as you start on this new path. Just wait and see!

One month. You try it for a month. You check in with me weekly (1/2 hour phone chat). You complete a weekly accountability report (short and sweet) and make the necessary tweaks for the upcoming week. You assess how you are FEELING along the way.

Love & support. We’ll conclude our MAKEOVER MAGIC session with another Skype talk (usually about 45 minutes) to debrief on the experience, tackle any pesky issues, brainstorm further enhancements, and figure out next steps. Our time together will go quickly. Depending on how month-one goes, you may wish to continue our coaching relationship. If so, we can determine what package might be the best fit.

Your investment. The cost for you to engage in this LIFE SHIFTING process with me is $500. Your health and well-being are definitely worth it. Here’s to feeling good and strong in the New Year!

>>> Click HERE to get started. Lynn xo

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