How can I help you?

I’m intrinsically interested in how we operate on a daily basis. How we get stuff done, how we take care of ourselves, how we create meaning in our lives and how we feel along the way. It’s a lot to bring together and it’s hard to make it all happen sometimes.

mindfulness practice is part of my daily flow

I think of it as creating our daily flow because time keeps moving no matter what we do. Things tend to ebb and flow in our lives and in our days. We need to get good at shifting our focus while keeping ourselves centered. I think most of us want to feel “in flow” with ourselves and those around us. In the work we do, in our families and relationships, in our community. We all want to create a daily flow that works for us. Being intentional in our daily choices is key to making this happen.

That’s where I come in. As a self-care strategist and well-being coach, we’ll start by getting clear on your priorities. What do you all have on your plate? What needs to stay and what needs to go? We’ll do an inventory of your habits, work modes and daily structure. We’ll pinpoint areas of strength and those in need to fine-tuning and focus. Together we’ll develop a plan of action to more fully operationalize yourself on a daily basis, while feeling great doing it.

You will create an ideal weekly flow, that together, we will bring to fruition. Little by little, you will solidify the habits, routines and rituals that will best support you in life. By getting clear on our needs and desires, we pave the way toward greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

Helping you to develop a mindfulness practice is at the core of this process and work. Learning to be more mindful has the potential for extraordinary benefits on so many levels. As we become more in-tune with ourselves and take actions that support our well-being, we bring ourselves to an entirely new level of existence. Being aware. Cultivating that awareness, moment by moment, not only brings us closer to ourselves, but to our true nature and reason for being.