Institute on Teaching and Mentoring

Welcome Institute on Teaching & Mentoring Scholars!

So happy to connect.

For those who attended my presentation, please feel free to download the PDF actionable. And, you know, take some action. (smile)

 – coming shortly! –

If you didn’t attend my presentation, but wanted to, HERE IS A LINK to it! I so enjoyed creating this and I hope you enjoy + find it useful.

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Also, as I mentioned, I am offering free self-care coaching sessions. Based on the number of requests I receive, I’m going to try to do as many as possible. Please complete an interest survey by clicking the link (below) and I will get back to you shortly to set up our session via phone or Skype.

Click HERE to sign up for a self-care coaching session.

I’m so proud of the work you are doing and I know you are going to be successful Ph.D. recipients. It’s my hope to be part of the process of supporting you in this important journey. Your work matters. I want you to FEEL GOOD along the way so that you can actually do that work in the best way possible!

Looking forward to your success.

lmc xo

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