About Me

Hi there! Great to connect. My name is Lynn. I’m a yogi, a mom of three and a grad school coach to some amazing students at Central Michigan University. I’ve been working with low income, first generation, underrepresented students for the past fifteen years and I love my work! I think it’s totally kick-ass cool that I get to help my students envision their future and take the steps necessary to make things happen. It’s really a dream job come true – and I really just fell into it – which is the CRAZY thing about it.

I’m pretty down to earth. Some might even say raw. I’m all about laying it all out on the table, exploring options, becoming excited about possibilities and then figuring out a game plan that’s gonna work. Let’s set the bullshit aside and get real.

I’ve gotten pretty good at it through my work with McNair. We get low income, first generation, underrepresented students into fully funded Ph.D. programs on a regular basis. In order to do this, you’ve gotta strip it down to the core, move beyond the hang-ups that have been there since childhood. It’s about figuring out what excites your brain and motivates you to grow the confidence to put yourself out there—-with new experiences, with new people, with new challenges. It’s about taking things to a level that perhaps you never thought possible. It’s about being who you are and getting going – really getting going – on what your BIG WORK is going to be in this life.

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I have to pinch myself everyday when I think about how I get to do this important work – my important work in the world – by way of these amazing and awe-inspiring students. I can relate on a lot of levels. I’ve had to work through my own bullshit that’s kept me stuck and small for a long long time. If I’m being super honest, I think I’m just now – in my forties – coming into who I am, really embracing what I have to offer and shifting into a confident woman with purpose, passion and unapologetic ways.

Yoga has been the magic in my life. I like to say it’s the KEY TO LIFE. It’s help me to cut through the bullshit, strip away the clutter and grow strong in my person. That’s why I’m so so so passionate about spreading the magic of yoga with pretty much everyone I meet. That’s why I started incorporating it into my work with McNair and started exposing my students to this amazing practice that can radically elevate their lives in SO MANY WAYS.